Brief: To create the album art for Twenty One Pilot’s Blurryface that represents the lead singers struggle of his two personalities. 

Key Words: Alluring, Underlying, Minimal 

Concept: To convey the theme of good vs evil that is present in the album. 

The entire album itself is a representation of the lead singer, Tyler Joseph’s struggle of not letting the evil within him out. Blurryface is his second personality that is this ‘evil’.

I created the birds by casting translucent soap and dropping colour into the mould. The bird on the right is red representing the bad while the blue of the left represents the good inside of Tyler. While casting the middle bird I dropped both red and blue colour to metaphorically portray how the album itself is a mix between the good and bad.

His struggle is most evident in the last song on the album called 'Goner.' This song is often correlated with a bird hence why I decided to to represent Tyler as the bird.

[This is a student work]